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Keeping Up Appearances

Just like people need an occasional hair cut so we don’t look too wild, so do ornamental trees and shrubs need some corrective pruning. While most people do prune shrubs and trees during the summer, an occasional trimming by a professional arborist corrective pruning can help you maintain things proportional, especially if you use landscapers […]

Ticks, ticks, ticks.

With warm weather soon approaching, there is also a motley crew of pesky insects getting ready for summer. While people think of mosquitoes as the most troublesome insect, a far more frightening and perilous insect lurks in our yards in New England, presenting a much greater health risk.

Ticks present a great health danger because they […]

How to Maintain Tree & Shrub Health

An important step to keep trees healthy in an urban environment is to fertilize and spray them before insects have done damage. Carpenter ants are a classic example. Carpenter ants can quickly weaken the structure of a tree or branch and cause it to fail. They do far more damage than termites in this part […]

The Importance of Fertilizing Urban Trees

Trees in urban environments are in a much more difficult position to thrive and resist insect damage.

Often by the time we are called in to salvage a tree in poor health, it is almost too late to try to save it. Fertilizing trees replenishes nutrients in depleted soils, greatly improving tree vigor. Trees should be […]